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We've cracked the code on creating premium arts and crafts products and being able to offer high quality at the best price. We have set out to be the best value in the arts and crafts industry.
We've created this HEAVY BODY acrylic paints with LONG LASTING RICH PIGMENTS, creamy smooth texture, that is ACMI - Certified (Non-toxic and safe).
Each color was carefully tested to provide you endless possibilities for all types of techniques. We've selected each specific color to provide you with the LARGEST RANGE OF HUES. Simply blend, layer, and mix to produce an array of unlimited shades.

Dry Brush Technique

Sponge Technique

Impasto Technique

Then This Top Selling Acrylic Paint Set Is For You!


"I have become a customer for life. Ever since my first acrylic paint set from GenCrafts, I can't use any other paint. My favorite way of painting is utilizing the Impasto technique. Every once in a while, I like to blend and show a little more detail in my paintings. This set makes it soooo easy to go from thick creamy textures to smooth fine lines. I highly recommend!."

Janet Vasquez - 2021

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24 Acrylic Paint Tubes

Total Value: $30.00

  • High Quality Paint: Our PREMIUM acrylic paints are carefully crafted with long lasting rich pigments
  • Heavy Body: The creamy and smooth texture is perfect for retaining details of brush strokes and brilliant texture for your art masterpieces
  • Certified Safe & Non-Toxic: Our acrylic paints are ACMI-Certified non-toxic and safe for use by artist of all ages, professionals and beginners

Bonus #2

Double The Warranty

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In the art industry, offering a warranty is simply unheard of. With our typical industry leading "1 year warranty", we have made our Acrylic Paint Tubes the best GUARANTEED fun you can have. When you place your order TODAY, we're going to pay the extended warranty for you. That's 2 YEARS of coverage! Absolutely earth shattering in this industry.

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Want to be heard? Want to be seen? Our Social Media Spot light will do just that! One post on Instagram and Facebook, with a 24 hour highlight story about who you are as an artist and what inspires you to create. This is an opportunity to share your artwork with thousands of artists in our community.


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This is what our customers have said about our Acrylic Paint Tubes

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"Beautiful set of paints in varying tones of each color make it easy to create a colorful picture!"

Beth Fields - March 6, 2021

"So enjoying the creamy luxury of this set of paints! Tube after tube after tube of beautiful color! I feel like Van Gogh, ready to take my paints out into the fresh air to really see and paint the world for the first time. Very satisfying."

Travis Ann Sherman - February 21, 2021

"This paint set is amazing the colors are beautiful! The paint is smooth and great quality! I used this on terracotta pots and canvas worked great for both. I definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to test the water with acrylic paint."

Cwick - December 8, 2020

"Great for beginners. Bought these for my granddaughter and she was terrific in blending new colors."

Gladys S. - May 9, 2021

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Social Media Spotlight


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We want to rush you a FREE set of our amazingly easy to use Acrylic Paint Tubes to your doorstep, ASAP!

Pay ONLY $9.99 for Shipping and Handling in the U.S.