It works like this:

  1. Simply fill out the form below.
  2. After we verify your youtube account, we will ship you product/s.
  3. Make a video using the product/s (review/tutorial/unboxing/ect.)
  4. Get the most views/likes to win!


  1. Your YouTube account must have under 7000 subscribers.
  2. All videos must be uploaded by Aug 1rst. 
  3. Participants of the contest will receive a total score for the number of:
    • Views (1 pt each)
    • Likes (2pts each)

     4. Scores will be tallied up on Aug 30th. (3 PM PST)

     5. Winners will be announced Sep 2nd.

Disqualification notes:

Any rule breach or intentional harm to the brand will result in disqualification from the grand prize.