Hi Latha, tell us a little bit about yourself!
Hi, I'm Latha Holla Chauhan, Home Maker , Part time artist and a mom. You may also know me as artmusings_diary from Instagram and YouTube. I am passionate about art,In future my goal is to become full time artist. 

How long have you been creating watercolor, acrylic, & gouache art? What inspired you to become an artist?

I started using Acrylic and Watercolor when i was in high school but couldn't do much painting later due to academics and IT job , I started painting seriously in lockdown period last year and now i paint regularly almost everyday to improve my skills! Gouache i started recently about a month ago!
I have always enjoyed creating art to express my ideas. It was part of my life as a hobby! Now after painting regularly almost everyday it has become more than hobby!

What does art mean to you?
Art is like therapy and stress reliever to me!
And it is also the medium where you get the time to go deep down in your imagination and create.
It's like living in a world where everything is an idea or possibility for new art. 

Which medium do you enjoy creating with the most?
I enjoy working on all mediums, but Acrylic is my favorite medium!

What is your favorite GenCrafts product to use?
I really liked GenCrafts Acrylic, Watercolor and Gouache paints, all of them are highly pigmented!. Acrylic is my favorite among them due the coverage and smooth blending!

What advice do you have for beginner artists?
Never stop learning, keep practicing and patience is very important! Take your time to finish the painting, no need to rush and don't give up!

Overall, what is your favorite part about the creative process?
My favorite part is final details/highlighting part, that is the time when we know how is the end result!

 Tell us an interesting fact about your art!
Most of my paintings are related to nature, i just love painting nature, objects and cityscape. Overall most of my paintings has lot of details!

What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far, being an artist?
My greatest accomplishment being an artist is to be able to share your art with the world , inspire others and Giving other people a new perspective.


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