How to: Create thin & thick brush strokes

We've created a video that will teach you the basis of how to create thin and thick brush strokes. It is important to remember that stroking the Watercolor brush quickly may result in the ink appearing "blotchy", so be sure to apply the Watercolor brush gently. 

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For Broader Strokes:
- Gently sweep at an angle (avoid making fast strokes as the application of the ink may come out blotchy)

For Thinner Strokes:
- Gently sweep in an upright position ( key technique for creating fine details in your artwork ) 


Blending with Water Brush Pens ( or a paint brush if preferred )
- Be sure that your Refillable Brush Pen is filled with water. If you are using a paint brush, be sure that the brush tip has been dipped in water. (Gently squeeze the refillable brush pen to move the flow of water out of the brush tip)
- To blend colors together, gently stroke your Refillable Water Brush Pen in an upward or downward motion depending on which color you’d like to blend first.


You’ve Made It!
Sweet! Now that you know how to create thin and thick brush strokes, you can now add some variety to your artwork! Again, be sure to gently stroke your watercolor brush pen to avoid the ink flow being blotchy. Blending is such a great technique to incorporate into your artwork! Have patience and keep practicing!
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Watercolor Brush Pens - 20 Colors
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Watercolor Brush Pens - 20 Colors
Watercolor Brush Pens - 20 Colors
Watercolor Brush Pens - 20 Colors
Watercolor Brush Pens - 20 Colors

Watercolor Brush Pens - 20 Colors


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