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How to: Blend with Watercolor Brush Pens

This tutorial demonstrates the key to blending with Watercolor Brush Pens. Color selection is entirely up to you! Be sure to gently stroke so that the colors can blend seamlessly. Remember, your paint brush should be damp throughout the process and not soaked.

Let's get started! 


1. GenCrafts Watercolor Brush Pens  ​
2. Watercolor Paper
3. Tape
4. Scissors
5. 2 Cups of Water ( 1 for cleaning, 1 for painting )
6. A paper towel or a rag
7. A large round-tip brush

How to Blend with Watercolor Brush Pens 

Step 1: Divide a sheet of Watercolor Paper into 5 sections (measure 1 inch, followed by another ½ inch to create borders around the 5 sections)

Step 2: Apply tape to the 6 borders of the Watercolor Paper to avoid the watercolor bleeding between the 5 sections


Step 3: *Optional* Apply tape to the back of the Paper to secure it

Step 4: Select up to 4 colors (ranging from dark to a lighter shade) from the set of Watercolor Brush Pens and apply a generous amount of the the darkest color at the top of the paper
Step 5: Then apply less paint as you go down the paper to the lighter shade.

Step 6: Feel free to overlap the colors to slightly begin the blending process since the watercolor in the brush is already wet. This helps the blending process and avoids creating light areas between two colors.

Step 7: Dip your paintbrush into the first cup of clean water, dab off the excess water onto your towel, and apply it to the top of the paper.


Step 8:To blend the colors seamlessly, stroke gently in an upward and downward motion to “stitch” the colors together.

Step 9: As you move down onto the lighter shades of your color selection, add more water (Dab your brush in the first cup of water, then dip it into the second cup of clean water, and dab your brush onto the towel to remove excess water)
Step 10: Remember, since we are going from the dark to light shades, we want the end of the section the be white

Step 11: When you get towards the end of the section, clean off your brush to get rid of any remaining paint and dampen your brush again.
Step 12: Start from the bottom and use the same stroke motion, this time only going upward (This blends the water and paint together but also leaves the bottom of the page white)
Step 13: If you want a smoother blend, feel free to add additional layers once the paper is dry and repeat the same process. Apply your choice of additional colors to the other sections :)

Step 12: For the leaves lightly glide the center of the paint brush either towards you or away from you to create the shape of the leaves.



You've Made It! 

Great! Now that you have learned to blend with watercolor brush pens, feel free to use any color that you like! Remember to stroke in a gentle upward and downward motion when going from top to bottom to blend the colors together. When going from bottom to top, be sure to gently stroke in an upward motion, leaving the bottom white after the lightest shade of your selected color. Blending takes practice, so have patience and keep up the great work!
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and continue to make all of the art creations that you desire. 

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