Hi Sonia, tell us a little bit about yourself!
I am a calligraphy and painting artist who believes in the healing and energizing powers of art as therapy. I am mostly self-taught and work with several mediums (watercolor, acrylic, ink, pencil). I am a Physician and led a successful corporate career in Biotechnology and Research. I am now pursuing my passion in art, while taking a short break from corporate career. I am always supported and encouraged by my loving husband and my two wonderful children, no matter how crazy my endeavors. They call me “limited edition”, hence the Instagram Handle “asquarewatermelon” [as opposed to weird ;)].

How long have you been creating watercolor, acrylic, & calligraphy art? What inspired you to become an artist?

My journey as an artist is fairly recent; and quite an interesting and accidental one! I decided to take a break from high strung busy corporate career early last year, and within weeks found myself really bored and looking for some creative outlet completely unrelated to my field of work. A dear friend suggested I join a weeklong calligraphy online camp being offered for free in late April 2020 (one of the gifts of this pandemic). That week was a watershed moment for me as I fell in love with calligraphy. I soon discovered other mediums that could be mixed with calligraphy. I found a stash of leftover art supplies from my children’s art classes (watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, sketching pencils, watercolor paper, and sketching paper). One thing led to another and I have been unstoppable since.

What does art mean to you?
Art to me is therapy or meditation. Study after study has shown the immense rejuvenating and healing powers of art. The goal of my artwork is simple: bring joy and healing. Many have found art to be immensely calming especially during the high stress environment during this pandemic.

Which medium do you enjoy creating with the most?
I love creating with watercolors the most. Watercolor paintings pair well with calligraphy. It is an easy to work with medium that the artist can take anywhere along easily. All you need is a good paint pan, a few brushes, and your watercolor book. There is a wide range of styles one can experiment with. I enjoy abstracts and florals. The medium being a transparent one, one can get really expressive with colors and layers.

What is your favorite GenCrafts product to use?
My current favorite is GenCrafts 48 watercolor palette. It has majority of the colors one can use. The pigments are rich and the mixing tray it comes with is very handy.

What advice do you have for beginner artists?
Do not be afraid to experiment or create. The key being consistency and daily practice for a good period of time. Not every art piece is going to be perfect in the beginning, and that is okay. You will be amazed looking back and reflecting how much difference consistent practice makes. Draw inspiration from others who are good at what you want to learn. Give credit to the artists who you learn from. Learn the techniques and make these your own over time. Create with authenticity.

Overall, what is your favorite part about the creative process?
My favorite part about creative process is learning. With every piece I create I learn more about art, tools, supplies, about the subject in the painting, about people and places, history, future possibilities, fellow artists and so much more.

 Tell us an interesting fact about your art!
My artwork often has no pre plan at all! I start off with whatever idea comes to mind in whatever medium and I just follow through. It is quite funny to watch me at work as I lose track of time and get completely immersed in it. I treat the art supplies with utmost respect and thank them after use.

What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far, being an artist?
Being able to create handmade art for family, friends, and being able to share the joy of painting with the world through social media and my website.

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso


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