Neon Acrylic Pour - Black Light Effect

Neon Acrylic Pouring has been taken to another level! Everyone loves the POP of color that our Neon Acrylic Pouring Paint set brings, but the addition of a Black Light is the KEY to making these colors show out like never before! Color choice is entirely up to you, feel free to explore different color combinations and pour techniques.

We demonstrated how to create a Neon Acrylic Pour with a Black Light Effect. The Black Light is really what makes the neon colors vivd, bold, and vibrant like no other! 

 A101 Neon Orange
A106 Neon Pink
 A107 Electric Blue
• A108 Neon Lime
• A111 White 
• A120 Black

You can create a fluorescent masterpiece with GenCrafts Neon Acrylic Pouring Paint. Whether you create a dutch pour, flip cup pour, string pull pour, you name it! All you need is a canvas, a set of GenCrafts Neon Acrylic Pouring Paint, and a black light.  


These 3 items go hand in hand to create the finest neon glow! The awesome thing about this project is that you can create various designs with colors of your choice. Neon acrylic pouring paint has never been more fun!


Once you've poured your selected colors, tilt as you desire, and grab your Black Light to begin the fun!


Fluorescent Glow like never before!
Simply shine your black light over your canvas and watch the colors glow! 
The Black light allows the neon paint to show its vibrancy. Color selection is entirely up to you! The more neon colors, the more GLOW!  Feel free to shut off the lights for the best results possible. 


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