Palette Knife - Art Demo & Techniques

Palette knives are one of the many creative ways you can create art on a canvas. The blades allow you to swipe layers of colors onto the canvas in a lifting, spreading, and smoothing motion as you desire! They are useful for applying clean patches of color onto blank canvas or over an existing dry layer of paint.

We demonstrated how to use a palette knife to create an art-piece with our Acrylic Paint Tubes. Common techniques when using palette knives  

 A126 Ultramarine
A127 Teal
 A130 Prussian Blue
• A122 Cold Grey
• A123 Sky Blue
• A113 Scarlet Red

Thin lines:
You can create lines with a palette knife simply by loading the edge of your palette knife with a thin amount of paint and carefully dabbing it onto your canvas. Keep in mind that you will need to reload the knife quite frequently since you are untitling the edge.


Multi-colored palette knife strokes:
Simply take a few different colors of your choice, gently mix and create a stroke of broken color.


Dabbing small bursts of color:
Load the tip of the knife in thick paint and gently dab it onto the canvas. This will allow the colors to show in their most vivid manner.


Using a sharp pointed blade to scrape the pain away from a mistake or to show some underpainting is a common technique to fix errors or add details. 


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