Affiliate Program - FAQ's

Quick answers to common questions:

Why did my commission decrease or go negative?
There are several reasons why the commission on an order may be reversed:
1. The order was canceled
2. The order was fully refunded (partial refunds will not reverse commission)
3. The order was reversed manually
If none of those applied to your order, please contact us via email:

Do I get paid for commission on discounts, shipping & tax?
The commission will be paid on the price of an order after discounts but before shipping, taxes and tips. For example, if an affiliate with a 15% commission rate refers an order with a total of $125 ($110 subtotal - $10 discount + $10 shipping + $15 tax), they will receive a commission of $15 ($100 * 15%).

Can affiliates use their own discount code/referral link?
We encourage affiliates to have their viewers/community of artists utilize their discount codes and referral links. Affiliates are not able to use their own discount code/referral link when logged into their account. 

Are affiliates notified when a sale is made with their discount code?
Unfortunately, affiliates are currently unable to receive notifications of when a sale is made. However, they are able to check their Affiliate Dashboard at any time.

How do I access my Affiliate Dashboard?
You can access your Affiliate Dashboard at any time simply by going to and log into the 'Affiliate Program' tab in the footer of our website. All you need is your email address and password that you used when registering for GenCrafts Affiliate Program

How do affiliates get paid?
Affiliates that have been officially registered and approved for GenCrafts Affiliate Program will receive payment through PayPal. More information about commission and payment can be found on our 'Affiliate Payment Info' guide by clicking here.